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Our Bakers


Juju Beachy

Juju married into the Beachy family, she runs the website, social media, marketing, meetings, and the team.  Juju works with all aspects of visual and design. 


Esther Beachy

Esther is the name behind it all.  She is the founder and CEO of Esther's Sweet Buns.  She is the genius behind every single ingredient and flavor in our sweet treats. 


Thomas Beachy

Thomas is the man with a plan.  He is in charge of baking operations and systems, and the designated king of the fryer. 


Esther’s Sweet Buns is a home bakery started simply by sharing cinnamon rolls among friends in the community. They were dubbed “Sweet Buns”, and quickly became the favorite treat from my kitchen. I make many other pastries, but the sweet buns remain the star of the show.

I was soon joined by my daughter in law and her husband, we form the Esther's Sweet Bun dream team!


Esther's Sweet Buns
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