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Personal Assistant by Day and Baker By Night

I often joke about being a personal assistant by day and baker by night. Growing up with 8 siblings on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania taught me, by default, to work hard. And I’m thankful for that part of my story and family heritage.

So are your treats mostly baked at night, you ask?

Yes! A little over a year ago I began working for the founder of Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels as personal/executive assistant and travel companion.

This leaves me less time to bake, but because i enjoy it so much, I still make time to create the baked goods I have been making since I was a little girl in my mama’s kitchen.

And if I have to do it by night, no problem! It’s what I’ve been used to my whole life. It’s all worth it when you show up for the treats with those big smiles on your faces!

So, will you be celebrating Super Bowl Sunday or Valentine’s Day this weekend? I’ve got you covered, either way!

Link to order:

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